Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Patience, Patience, and more Patience!!!

My baby sister left for Turkey on Sunday for a missions trip through Campus Crusade. I can't help but feel so left behind!!! I long for the day that our family can go on missions trips and serve overseas! I loved that time in my life!
TJ and I were talking at breakfast this morning and it seems that the Lord is really teaching us about waiting for His timing in our lives. We want to be in Kenya so bad, but we know that now may not be that time. God has put the desire in our lives to serve in some capacity in Kenya, but we don't know how-or when. . . . and it's so hard to be patient!

But, we both know that God has gone before us and is preparing our hearts for what is ahead. We do not want to go when the time is not right.

But, God, we are sitting in Minnesota screaming "HERE AM I, SEND ME!!!!"


Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

hey erhardts! great to check out your blog. we're right beside you in prayer. lindsay- i sent you an email three or so weeks ago and just found out it didnt make it to you, sorry! it was all about being a mom over here and how excited i am to get conected with yall. looking forward to chating with yall on the phone while we're in the states. hope to meet ya soon. -kimberly

Brandi said...

I'm so with you! I guess for some, he has to stretch them by sending them to Africa and have them live by faith.. .for us, it is to live by faith to remain here in many ways!

Love ya,