Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our life story...God's or Ours?

It's so awesome to look back on your life and see where God started stirring a dream or desire in your heart from a very young age and then see yourself being refined and molded to fit into what God's plan is for your life when you are a lot older.

From the time I was 16, God gave me a burden for orphans, then I went to college for Social Work to pursue a career as an Adoption Specialist. Since, I have not had that job, however, I have had 2 children and God has strategically placed people in my life and His Word in my life to keep refining me to be the woman He wants me to be.

Now, I have a new beginning ahead! I have just accepted a job at Path, Inc in Fargo here to be a Family Assessment Worker, where I will not only be working with children who are in need of an adoptive home or are in theraputic foster care, but I will be working with bringing biological families back together again in working with bio parents parenting skills and helping them learn how to appropriately parent their child who has special needs.

There is something so beautiful in adoption that we see and there is also something so beautiful about seeing a biological family reunited and seeing parents become successful parents.

This job is a conscious choice TJ and I made to help us gain skills in working with children and families in need for a greater purpose in serving our Lord.

It's a good reminder for me to also be aware of where my heart is at in choices I make- asking myself if this is something I want to do out of selfishness or for bringing Glory to God!

How awesome to see God write our life story-our family story-and it's awesome to see God's hand at work starting from when we were just a child!

Share yours!


Brandi said...

What a sweet post. .I'm so excited about your new job! I have a friend who held the same position and loved it (most of the time!). She loved watching God work.


Kathy said...

When we truly want to be used by God it's awesome to see Jim at work in our lives preparing us for greater service. And so true that we need to constantly examine our motives and commit out hearts to desiring to bring glory to God. The amazing thing is, in God's economy, that when we are truly serving Him, then we are most fulfilled, too!