Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fevers and headaches and _____ OH MY!

Ugh! What a week! Our family has been hit by the flu bug and it has not been a fun ride! This bug is a teaser-one day fevers will be looking as if they are clearing up and then


it comes back, roaring it's ugly head, and fevers are spiked again. Why does it seem that night time is the worst?

Local schools are now making it mandatory that kiddos stay home minimun of 5 days if they have fever accompanied with a stomachache, fever, etc.

This week has given me plenty of time to bake goodies, make home made soups and get PLENTY of snuggle time in with my kiddos while watching their favorite movies. They are troopers.

Ben has been super disappointed when he learns that he is not able to be in school this week. Poor thing...I hope that lasts all the way through high school :)

In speaking with a good friend, whose husband is a Chiropractor, she gives her kiddos, ages 5 and 3, doses of Vitamin D. She, herself, takes an increased amount of Vitamin D and it has so far kept her healthy. Do any of you go the natural route with treating illnesses?

I hope you have had a better week than our household has!


Ellemieke said...

hope you are all feeling much better!!
healing hugs

Lyz said...

Pretty much all of us don't get enough Vit D. Whether we are sick or not, a supplement is a good idea!

brooke lynn said...

we love vitamin d, c and borion's oscillococcinum to prevent and treat the flu.

love your blog! :)