Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's next?

Here is a picture of Priscillah-the girl we have sponsored for many years. We received some sad news that after we met her this day, she did go back to school, only to return back to Nairobi. When the HCI staff found her, they asked her what was going on. She then stated that she had a consentual relationship with another man in Dandora, a town by Nairobi, and is now pregnant. She stated that she did not want to tell us because we were talking so much about her furthering her education. HCI has had problems tracking her lately as she feels ashamed and does not want to talk to anyone at this time. The future looks bleak for Priscillah as she is not allowed to return to school and is more than likely going to be living the rest of her life in the slums of Nairobi. It absolutely breaks our hearts.

TJ and I have been processing a lot about "what's next" in our life. We cannot just go to Africa and say "oh, wow, great trip, it was so much fun . . . " and then come back to MN and just settle in our life here and go on as if we were never there. It has really rocked our world this time.
Sometimes we sit, in quietness and just be in the presence of God, and I ask, "what is it Lord that you have for our family". The verse in James 1 talking about caring for widows and orphans always comes to mind and it's like a flame ignites in our hearts to serve 'the least of these'. But, also in that verse it states "and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world". I have realized that I need to not only do what I feel called to do-by serving widows and orphans, but I need to be in check and accountable for my heart-that I am not boasting about things I aspire to do, that I am respecting an honoring my husband, that I am treasuring the Fruits of the Spirit. God cannot use myself or TJ unless our hearts, minds, and attitudes are pure.
I am content to let my Father chip away at me and break me until I am built up to stand up to what is ahead.

One thing that both TJ and I came back with was the desire to learn more about the Muslim community and the religion of Islam. The parallels to Christianity are amazing, particularly when it talks of the end times and the Anti Christ.

We also emailed the men we met in Uganda that were from Fargo. I am now on the Board of Directors of African Soul American Heart, which is a non profit in Fargo that is hoping to build an orphanage in Southern Sudan. I do not know what purpose God has for me on this Board, but I am excited for what is to come.
We'll keep you posted!

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