Thursday, December 11, 2008

My lists...

Furah carries wood and her eighteen-month-old daughter Shukyru,
onthe road linking Rupango to Sake, eastern Congo, Wednesday Nov. 19, 2008.
Furahwalks the 16 kms every day, crossing from the CNDP rebel controlled area to the
government held town of Sake to sell wood.” (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

On a blog of a person who absolutely inspires me, I found this picture and it captured my heart.

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Brandi said...

yeah. . .I pretty much love Jody's blog too. I posted the same thing!

Love that reminder too. . .I think I should put it on my fridge!


PS oooh, I just had a thought. . .we should have someone turn it into a badge that we could put on our blogs. Just the picture and the words "my lists are nothing. Get perspective"