Friday, November 13, 2009

HUGE Christmas deal!!!!

I couldn't let the weekend go by without sharing this deal with you!

Check out Michelle's blog here to get a steal of a deal for the Leap Frog TAG Junior Reading System.

She, with the help of handy dandy coupons, was able to get it for $8.99. I've got mind in hand ready to go!

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Casey said...

WOW, that IS a great deal!!! I've been thinking about getting the two little ones one of those. They were a bit pricey so I hadn't purchased it but was kind of thinking it over. Now that I know I can get it for nearly 10 dollars, I'm sold. Our Target is a bit finicky with coupons sometimes so I'm not sure how well the coupon will work because it doesn't specify Tag JR on it only Tag. Can't hurt to try though and thank you so much for sharing, let me know how it goes!