Sunday, November 15, 2009

why me!?!?!

You know guys, I have to say. I am simply overwhelmed by the response we have received from those of you who have been ignited to serve "the least of these"-both globally and locally in our community.

I have reconnected with people I haven't spoken to in years and it has absolutely humbled me to know now how God used seeds planted through me in other people's lives. I'm so thankful to hear others' stories, and read about what other people feel called to do in the ministry of orphan care.

I received 4 huge boxes of school kits, croc shoes and a monetary donation from two tiny churches just South of Fargo. Who would've known that God would stir into the hearts of those women from those churches to love on a group of kids they have never met.

THANK YOU to those of you who have poured your heart out to the children at Mattaw Children's Village.

There have been so many confirmations from people close to us and through other means that have shown TJ and I that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this journey leading to us serving the people of Kenya. It leaves us speachless.

I have to admit, there are days that I feel like I don't want to go-WHY ME!?!?! I look at our home, our dog, celebrating Christmas with snow and decorating cookies that we have started to have become a regularity. Thoughts of leaving friends and family behind, not seeing my boys sing in school programs or play on a T-Ball team sometimes overwhelms me.

But then I think of our Savior, and all He did for us and those things quickly become very small worries. God is preparing the hearts of my kids, and I am thankful for that, because that task alone seems impossible for me, as a mom, to do.

I'm not a superwoman, nor do I have any special powers (though, I'd choose to be invisible, or to have the ability to 'beam' myself wherever I wanted if I could have my pick) but simply a woman, who is loved by God and by chance has given me the desire to care for orphans across the world.

God has orchestrated my life just so-giving me a man who shares a passion for the same ministry and two amazing kids who are very adaptable to challenging situations. I look forward to the day where we are blogging from Kenya, sharing about all that God is doing in that country and in the lives of little ones who need a place to call home.

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Brandi said...

Love you friend! So thankful to watch God work in and through you. Can't believe Fargo is just 2 weeks from this weekend!!!

Praying, Praying, Praying!