Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barbara's Story

Imagine waking up every morning on a mat that resembles a placemat-maybe a bit bigger-because it was one of your other 8 brother's and sisters' turns to use the twin mattress that also lays on the floor.

Imagine going to school every day on an empty stomach, doing your best to absorb what instructors are teaching you that day and coming home to a meal of rice and a few beans-if you're lucky.

Did I mention you are only 14 years old? Did I mention that not only do you try to go to school on an empty stomach, but you are also at risk of being sexually exploited on your walk too and from school?

Barbara's daily life is just like this. She lives in Uganda and is one of the 2 million orphans that live in her country. Both of her parents are passed away and now she survives on scraps of food and lives in a home with 7 other brothers and sisters.

Despite these hardships, she is described as active, composed, extroverted, friendly an dloves to sing dance and read books.

For $34 a month, you can guarantee her a life where food will come daily, more than once a day!!!!! It will give her the guarantee of going to school each day. As her sponsor, you will be able to have a relationship with her! Through letters, cards, and even opportunities to visit her and hug her.

If you are intersted in sponsoring Barbara, please email me or leave a comment and let me know you are intersted. There are several kids like her -boys and girls of all ages- I have here on my desk waiting to be sponsored.


Nikki said...

Good luck- I hope you find a sponsor for her! She is precious.

Megan said...

Oh I love this sweet girl. I pray that she will get sponsored soon!

Amy said...

What community in Uganda is she in? I may have someone interested. Thank you for the post!!

Joyful Living said...

Amy, she is in Bukedea!