Sunday, September 19, 2010

A season's change

Where has the time gone? I've found myself in a whirlwind since I've returned from Kenya being torn between being a mama to my precious boys, a wife to my husband, daughter to my King and somehow managing to work full time. Blogging has had to be on the backburner. Praise the Lord I do not have to "do anything" to earn my Father's favor, huh? I'm thankful for the man I am married to who unconditionally loves me, despite my failures and for the children God has blessed me with.

It has been a difficult road. A sweet journey.

As this season turns over, I feel as though I am doing the same thing. So many changes has happened in our lives since June. I'm excited to share, with the hopes that my thoughts and experiences can be an encouragement to you.

With that, I would love to know what the highlight of your summer has been? Camping? family reunion? Building the _______ you FINALLY got around to? I would love to hear!!!!

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brooke lynn said...

God has led us on an incredible journey of faith and trust. trusting in His will and timing. we will never be the same.

have a great weekend!