Sunday, October 10, 2010

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman

Around this neck of the woods, hunting season has taken full effect. I can be ever-so-humbly reminded of that thanks to my permanent goose-like waddle, the creature that is being sought out around here at this time.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant.

The season of be being "uncomfortable always" has fully set in. I've braced myself for this, being this is my 3rd pregnancy.

A girl. Woot!

With feet in my ribs and going potty every 15 minutes, I'm holding on tight for the home stretch.

This pregancy has gone by much faster than my other two. I've also gained considerably less weight this time around and have managed to have more energy overall.

However, ahem, this has not off set the amount of comments that seem to shoot out of mouths of others that make me laugh and shake my head.

For those of you who can relate, I will share some of my favorite comments I have recieved recently. Perhaps some of you will come away with a good laugh, or a good reminder of what NOT to say to a gal who is with child.

#1 "My, you're looking very healthy these days!"

#2 "When are you due, next week?"

#3 "Uh oh. Again?"

#4 "I bet TJ (husband) has to put up with so much!"

Seriously? How do I respond?

Now, I'm not meaning to be mean here, but these comments were all made by men. MEN! Humph! Clearly, my husband knows better that if any of these dripped off his lips, there would be much sucking up to do. Much.

Perhaps you are nodding your head because you can completely relate. Perhaps you have been one to spurt off such a comment. What's your story?


Anonymous said...

put your feet up and have some chocolate!

Nicole said...

::sigh:: MEN!

Amanda said...

Jamal, first grader: "Mrs. Yates, why are you so fat? Everyday your belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Maybe you should stop eating."

Casey said...

My favorite was always, "you know how that happens don't you" or "this is your last one right?" or "are you sure there's only one in there" then the strangers that come up and rub your belly without your permission. Like a pregnant belly means "please touch me." One time I'd been out shopping about a week before my youngest and only girl (YAY FOR GIRLS) was due, I was huge...or at least felt huge, and I'd had my belly felt up by everyone within a 10 mile radius, I'd had enough. Some tiny lady came up and started petting my round belly and asking a ton of questions and I just reached out and started rubbing her belly right back, she was shocked. If it's not ok for me to rub your belly stranger girl, it's not ok for you to rub mine :) I was a cranky pregnant lady...can you tell. I had my 2 boys and then a daughter, who just turned 4, it's a whole different experience having a hold on tight. :) It's the best.