Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Growing up, we went trick or treating every year. I have fond memories of making up fun, homemade costumes and getting gobs of candy.

We have fun doing this with our kids. This year, I've opted not to go out and about, as I am about to burst with our 3rd child, but was active in getting the kiddos all dressed up.

In previous years, Collin had never wanted to participate. Dressing him in a costume seemed to be as if we were skinning him alive. This year was the first year he was EXCITED to participate fully! Though he came home early tonight, he had a good time. We've learned that once Collin has had enough, there is no chance in talking him back into participating. Perhaps it was because he was a dinosaur this year, or because he's come to grasp with the reality that the end results in a bag full of candy, but this year, he is completely diving into dressing up!

On the flip side, our oldest son, Benjamin, fully participates in whatever character he dresses up as. Any one of his costumes has him in full blown dramatic play all day. This year was no different. As the "mad scientist", Dr. Snaggle-Tooth, he has been trying to conduct many experiments as possible this week, along with his wicked laugh. He always gives us so many laughs during this time...I'm sure drama class is in his future :)

So HAPPY HALLOWEEN! From our munchkins, to yours!!!


Teri said...

..............just sayin'

Rebekka Seale said...


And I have to say, I love the quote under your blog title. I've just sat here and repeated it to myself several times, and I must sits well with my soul!