Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Kenya' catch his dream??

As parents, we are trying to find creative ways to creativly prepare and transition our kids from the US to Kenya. We both know that there will be bumps in the road and it will not be easy. So, whatever we can do for our kids today to prepare them and have fun doing it, we will do.

My oldest son, Ben, loves baseball and is a gifted player. Baseball is a key event in his life that will be missed greatly when we move. Kenya does not have baseball teams. So naturally, Ben says to me one day "Mom, I want to bring baseball gloves to Kenya and teach them how to play".

Our goal is to have 100 gloves by June 15th. Will you join me in finding gloves for us to take over? There are many ways you can give.

First, if you know me, drop it by our home! If you live far away, you can mail the gloves to:

Mattaw Childrens Village
PO Box 375
Moorhead, MN 56561


If you don't have baseball gloves but would like to donate money for us to purchase one, please click on the 'donate' tab to the right of this page and giving $10 so we can buy one.

The sweetest part of this journey has been to see how God and provided and answered specific prayer requests our kids have had. To watch our kids grow and learn about how God does care for us and provides for our ever need has been neat. I love their faith.

We pray with the kiddos before bedtime and we ask them to first thank God for all He has blessed us with and then ask God for something they would like to see God provide. Past requests have included providing passport money. Answered! Next has been finding a good home for our dog, Macy. Answered! And now, Ben is praying for 100 baseball gloves.

Will you help Ben reach his goal? What ideas do you have to help me process transitioning 3 kids to another country??


Janet said...

We have five kids and have lived overseas for 8 of the last 11 years. We have moved a number of times with kids, and this is what I always tell people: Make sure that your kids understand that you are the same family, just in a different place. Make sure you bring familiar things that will help them understand that HOME is about the people, not the house or the country. Bring stockings, favorite Christmas/birthday decorations, photos, pans for baking, ingredients for favorite foods (and knowledge of food substitutions!), etc. Also, for your older two, I would give them one bag (or plastic Rubbermaid tub -- that's what we have always used) that THEY get to pack with what THEY want. It may not be what you would choose, but it gives them ownership and helps them feel a part of the process. Finally, I will say that kids transition the way their parents do. If they see their parents struggling or hear them complaining, they pick up on it and mimic it. So set a joyful (though honest) tone and you all will be fine!

-- Janet

P.S. We have an Alaina, too :)

Joyful Living said...

Thanks, Janet. I'm definately doing the tub thing. I'm also bringing all of their bedding. Thanks for ALL your suggestions!

Kimberly said...

Ben has SUCH a sweet heart. Looking forward to seeing the blessing he will be to the Mattaw kiddos. Praying together with yall for the 100 baseball gloves!