Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They're out!!!

Okay, BIG deep breath!!! They are out! The last few support letters are OUT! Do you have any idea how nervous I am? We have never been down this avenue before-raising support, and it's a bit nerve-wracking.

Or maybe it's the fact that we are leaving in 4 months.

Or maybe it's just that this winter is showing no signs of going away-and when it does go away we are going head to head with a flood.

We are so thrilled to be a part of Mattaw. THRILLED! And the timing is ONLY God's. Details have fallen into place all over that confirm that it's the time. Funny how that happens.

I (Lindsay) am heading up the donations and design of Mattaw's precious baby home, Sprouts. I have many MANY details coming up this week about how YOU can be a part of helping Kenya's precious babies have a safe, healthy childhood.

It's gonna be good. Don't miss it.

Meanwhile, I've been obsessing about these. Yeah, the Pioneer Woman rocks my world and I've made these twice already, and have almost eaten the entire container of frosting I've made. It's not agreeing with my Turbofire workout or "healthy" diet plan. I'm using "i'm nursing" as my excuse for as long as I possibly can.

So for now, we are continuing to make memories in our community with friends and our kids. We are taking steps forward and God is sustaining us each.and.every.time.

I'm not really sure how to move a family with 3 kids who have only known America to a Third-World Country. But God does. I don't know how to cook there. But God does...and Kimberly does (thank goodness). I don't know how we will homeschool the kids. But God does.

This has been a journey of complete surrender. Reckless abandon.

We need prayer right now for these things. Will you join me?
1. A good home for our dog, Macy.
2. Provision for 3 kids' passports
3. Wisdom for when to put our house on the market.

God knows. God always provides. Always.


Krisanne said...

So excited for you, Lindsay and family! And praying with you for all these details and for all the support that you need in all of its forms (financial, prayer, encouragement, etc.)! God is SO good and it's exciting to read about your excitement and anticipation to see Him continue to work. If you send out newsletters, updates, or things like that electronically, please send them to us, too! Love from Indonesia!

Dawn said...

Just came across your blog and so amazed by your faith.
Lovely post(s)....and excited for your time ahead.
May God bless you all and watch over you in your future travels!!

Teri said...

It has been so fun to see God's plan unfold and so glad we could be a small part of it!