Monday, June 8, 2009

So Lindz....Did you run that mile?

.....what? you talking to me?


oh my. I need a consequence. I didn't run last night.

I thought about it. Does that count?

and tonight? well....

There is this fresh newborn my friend had yesterday that I had to get my hands on. So I'm smelling my hands and enjoying it.

I KNOW I KNOW! I will get this mile in. TOMORROW!!!

I agree, I think I may be classified as one of those women that only will run if the house is on fire...or if we're flooding. Because one of the two is bound to happen (probably the latter).

Running partners is what I need. Thanks for the offers! I think I will take you up on that. I've heard it's much easier to run in a herd.

My marathon man is sitting across the living room looking at me over his glasses...tsk tsk tsk. He said he will give me another chance.

I'm thankful for grace.

Maybe I feel like I have some anxiety over this. I feel like I run like Jennifer Aniston on that one Friends episode. You know the one, right? Where she's "ch-ing" along and arms and feet are flying everywhere.

That's me.

I'll have marathon man take a photo. Tomorrow.

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Casey said...

I am not judging, not at all. I didn't run either, I got dressed for the gym once my husband was home from work late last night, drove down to the gym even and it was closed for remodeling. Now I know there is another one nearby that I can go to but the parkinglot is dark and not close to the entrance/exit so I just drove home. I'll join the herd, but tonight I'm tired so I'm going to watch a movie, tomorrow I run or jogging is good, or maybe walking yeah I'll walk tomorrow :)