Monday, December 7, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival started by MckMama, for all of us mothers to safely confess all of our imperfections we have at home, behind closed doors. Check out MckMama's site to see other bloggers who are just as perfect as all of us are.

Typically, I am a very well-rounded, organized person. I have things in neat order around my home, always know where my cell phone, work documents and my car keys are in the event of a work emergency.

That is why I certainly did NOT call my husband frantically last week at 9:30pm when I was getting off work and found that the car ignition was in LOCK and the car wouldn't start. I certainly did NOT start screaming at him, becuase, clearly, it was his fault that the car didn't work. I SO love his $3000 commuter car he drives these days, so that is why I did NOT yell at him, reminding me what a pile of crap he drives.

No, I'm a calm, Godly, Proverbs 31 woman....yes I am.....

That is why I certainly did NOT make him rise our children out of their cozy slumber, pack them in our mini van to drive 10 miles to fix HIS commuter, I am a collected, patient mom who would never ask him to do that....

That is also why I called him back, saying he didn't need to come anymore, as he was packing our screaming, tired 3 yr old in our iced-over van, because.........

.......I was using the wrong keys to try to start the commuter car.

....Because I always know where my keys are....because I'm organized like that.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that there are women like you and I who are imperfect and yet find ways to look at our imperfection and have a good laugh about it..Your post made me laugh so hard..Thank you..I needed it tonight.