Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orphan care through sponsorship

I'm sure you are familiar with the many commercials you have seen that show pictures of babies all over the world who are starving, who are becoming blind as a result of the saliva that is spit into their eyes from flies who infest them and are drinking water from pit latrines because they simply do not have the resources for any other choice. . . or worse.

Commercials like these are easy for us to flip the channel to and pretend we didn't see it, because we think "why is it my problem". Don't worry, I've been there before.

When I travelled to Africa for the first time in 2002, I was swept off my feet by the most precious girl, named Priscillah. She is more like a daughter to me now than a random child overseas. She and I have dialogued over the phone and through letters. It's a relationship only God could have made. "Precious" only begins to describe her life.

Rialee found her child to sponsor through the Children's HopeChest weekend we hosted last weekend. Rialee met Mary Charity last April, not thinking sponsorship at the time. We found Mary Charity's photo amongst the hundreds of sponsor-needing kids lined up on her studio walls and then she tracked her personal photos of the trip. Check out today's exciting blog post here. Amazing story. Sponsorship is just one of the ways you can give back to children around the world.

You've been cordially invited to break your heart is another story to read to see how one woman's heart was shattered when she met her sponsored child.

Sponsorship is more about writing a check every month.

It changes lives.

Imagine yourself and a mother or father who has to watch your son or daughter starve because you do not have the food to give to him/her to keep them nurished. Consider Children's HopeChest or Mattaw Children's Village as 2 vessels to pursue in child sponsorship.

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