Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ugandan halt on adoptions.

A while back on Facebook, I posted an urgent prayer request for this family as they were "stuck" in Uganda with their medically fragile little girl, about to go home, when they were abruptly stopped due to the way their court order was issued to them. They would be breaking the law by leaving Uganda, as they had guardianship of their little girl, but could not bring their girl to the US. Stuck.

I've read about and spent time with many families who have adopted from all over the US and the world. They all have the same thing to say. "Adoption is hard." "Adoption will pull and stretch you in ways you have never known you could." "There will be many hurdles."

This week has been a bit paralyzing for us as we learned that Ugandan adoptions have now come to a halt. It's a long, hard, complicated story, but I'm sure, like many of you, these kinds of situations are common as we deal with corruption in many forms.


We need to be on our knees NOW praying for God to move this government to allow many Americans who are there with their babies now, that cannot return home themselves, nor can bring their babies home due to language used in a court order.


You can read more here.

There will also be a group of people from around the US praying for this specific country and for the government to re-open adoptions. If you are interested in joining this conference call on Monday night, please go here for details.

I know that this situation is similar to those of you adopting from China, Haiti, Guatemala, or other countries. May this be a place we can lift eachother up in times of joy or saddness, or fear, anger, rejoicing of bringing your babies home. Let us pray for those whose arms ache for their child(ren) to come home and remember that we serve a MIGHTY God, one who heals, and restores.

His eye is on the sparrow!

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