Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To run, to hop, to skip, to jump.......

In the past, my workouts have always felt similar to this...


My husband has been on the fitness bandwagon ever since our first son was born in 2004. He has completed a full marathon and several half marathons and is about to start doing these things called "adventure races".

Me? Well, I've been resisting anything that sounding like "exercise" and I've been enjoying eating whatever I please. "I'm nursing" has always been my excuse :) Ha.

My hubs inspires me. Truly. He grows on me. Like mold. But he smells WAY better than mold. And for the record, there is no fungus growing on me.....but I digress.

I've started officially working out. Daily. Even on a nutrition plan!

My kids think I've lost my noodle as we have ousted all the junk food from our cupboards. It's baby steps people. I've replaced cookies with carrots and brownies with bananas and apples.

I'm not so much concerned with losing weight as I am as just our family, as a whole, being intentional with our nutrition and health.

My good friend,Lyz, is also a newbie to this fitness world. She incorporates cross country skiing into her routine and pretends it's not exercise. Keep goin' Lyz!

The program I personally follow is done through Beachbody. TJ is following P90X which I'd rather skin myself alive than do that routine.

I am following Turbofire. I like Turbofire because it's short workouts and I can fit it into my schedule everyday very easily. Not to mention it's FUN!!!!!

But I do whine. A lot. Don't worry, I'll get over myself.

But anyways, our local marathon is coming up this spring and my husband will be writing posts to keep those of you who may be interested in training for the full or half marathon this year informed in how you can reach your goal.

Do you have fitness goals this year?


Casey said...

I started going to the gym, more like drrraaagggggiiiinnnnggggg myself to the gym. I whine the whole way there. My mouth waters as I pass the McDonalds, and the Wendy's and the Chick-fil-a on the way, and then once I'm inside I angrily eye the gazelle like creatures in the spandex bounding like....well gazelle on the African plains on the tread mills. And then I climb on an elliptical machine and spend a grueling 30 minutes sounding like what I can only assume is what a dying horse sounds like huffing and puffing and sweating, then I get on the tread mill next to one of these gazelles and trudge sullenly for 30 minutes because I am not coordinated enough yet to both run and breathe at the same steps LOL so far I've gone every night for a week and a half and haven't tripped a gazelle yet. ;)

Joyful Living said...

CASEY!!! Oh, I can relate! Been there!! I've never had chic-fil-a...awesome I'm assumming :)

Casey said...

Chick-fil-a is awesome, and you crave it most on Sunday's....because they're closed on Sunday's. :)

Lyz said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Lindsay! I am totally NOT on a diet plan. Currently working our way through a bucket of English Toffee.

BUT. I also spent about an hour and a half scraping snow off our driveway this week, AND skiied one day, AND did 30 min on the Wii Fit Plus. so there. AND the hubs thinks my butt is firmer. (as long as we're sharing TMI!)