Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week with the Huffmans

The first week of January my husband and I hosted the Huffman family. They are from Texas but live in Kenya working as the Directors of Mattaw Children's Village. The time they spend in the States is dedicated to raising awareness about orphan care in Kenya and raising support for Mattaw. My husband and I visited them back in 2008 and I lead a team in June 2010. My husband also plans to lead another team from our church sometime this summer.

But it's not all work-there is plenty of time for play.

See, these fellow long horns have not ever experienced the weather that comes with living in Minnesota/North Dakota.


People question how individuals like us can live in conditions like this. (Mama always said we make the best know, because we have to endure so many hardships and all.....or something).

They had seen snow before, but didn't know that it got so cold that you couldn't form snowballs with the snow.

They played.

They were venturous in their outings.

They sure stayed cozy.

We had a great week with the Huffmans. They are more like family to us than just friends.

This particular week we were working hard towards raising money for Mattaw's baby rescue house that will be called "Sprouts". It's fitting, because after the name was thought of, we realized that in Isaiah 61:11 it says, "For as the soil makes the SPROUT come up and a garden causes the seed to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations"

Cool, eh?

As we said our bitter-sweet goodbyes, we know that it will not be the last time we see them. Surely, we hope to join them soon in Kitale and support Mattaw Children's Village.

Will someone just make sure they returned to Texas with all of their fingers and toes?

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