Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Isaiah 58

I've been reading Isaiah 58 over and over again. It's wierd. I'm drawn to it. I wake up at night and Isaiah 58 is in my mind.

What is God saying to me? I've never been one to audibly hear God speak. I've never been one to have scripture just come to me like that. However, in my little, small world, I've been pummeled by the reality of how RELEVANT God is to my life today. I'm longing to be in His word more and I'm thirsty to know what His ways are for my life.

I've not been a morning person much of my life. Recently, I've been awake at 4:45am for several days in a row. Laying there. Staring at the ceiling. Coincidence?

"Isaiah 58. Spend yourself".


"Spend yourself on behalf of the poor".

Mmmmmmmmmmmm ...... k.

I thought I was kinda doing that...right?

"Isaiah 58"

Okay, so apparently there is more I need to learn. I'll keep you posted.


mountain mama said...

bless your heart...literally! God will bless your socks off for chasing after Him and His word!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so drawn to that scripture that I memorized the entire thing.
But for me, I somehow KNEW God wanted me to focus on the
part about doing away with the malicious talk and pointing finger...God wakes me up to spend time with him, too. I am SOOO busy every day and its like He's saying to me... okay if this is the only free time you have lets don't spend it sleeping... HE IS AWESOME !