Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aprons Making a Difference

Seriously, I am REALLY trying to get better about blogging here on a more consitent basis, but, then again, WHAT New Year's resolutions truly stick? I AM running, however, and I have to say I am enjoying it. For the record, I haven't made an official list of New Year's Resolutions, but there are a couple of things in the back of my mind I would like to accomplish, and NO they do not include scrapbooking, running a marathon, or dieting. I'll be content with pursuing ministry in Africa...WHICH IS THE POINT OF THIS POST!!!!

Dear friends, the Lord has absolutely rocked my heart this week...and that's putting it lightly. I think TJ and I have finally come full circle in understanding why the Lord brought us to Africa last fall. It has been 4 months since we have travelled to Kenya and Uganda and it has been a great process learning about Uganda more and the people and needs there. This week, Brandi, who will be modeling in the photos below, and I have been keeping in touch this fall and getting to know eachother....GREAT GAL!! She is a lil spitfire on FIRE to make a difference in Uganda. She traveled to Uganda shortly after we were there and was pursuing her role in a ministry called HopeChest, a child sponsorship organization dedicated to reaching orphans across the globe. Brandi is organizing a trip this April for Pastors nation wide to travel to Uganda for 9 days, tour Ugandan orphanages, with the hopes of Pastors coming back to their congregations with a vision of their church, or a group of churches, sponsoring one or more of the orphanages they visited. So, this week, God has challenged me. Lindsay, what if the churches in the Fargo-Moorhead area would pursue this? What if I used Fargo churches to change the life of orphans in Uganda?

I have been met by a resounding YES with churches that I have met with thus far. I am so excited to see how God uses the community of Fargo/Moorhead to change the lives of the people in Uganda.

Could God be calling YOU or YOUR CHURCH to be a part of this?

Tom Davis, author of books such as "Red Letters Campaign" and "Fields of the Fatherless" is coming to Fargo February 22nd. He is coming to Fargo to speak at Olivet Lutheran Church here in Fargo who has already committed to sponsoring an orphanage in Ethiopia. PRAISE GOD! (I just received the news this week and about fell out of my chair)

I am organizing a coffee/dessert time for Pastors to come and meet Tom and learn more about this trip and about what God is doing in Uganda and how our churches can be directly involved.

Now for the fun part. Will Pastors pay for this out of pocket?? Not so fast. Brandi (picture below) has an adoring family member who is hand making Aprons for Africa. Aren't they gorgeous? They are up for auction, and 100% of the proceeds thus far are going towards pastoral scholarships for OUR Pastors to travel, without worrying about it being a financial burden?

AREN'T THEY GORGEOUS!?!?!? (she is too !! )

Check out Brandi's mother-in-laws new site, Aprons for Africa. Let the bidding begin. . .bidding starts at $20 and your check will be made out directly to Children's HopeChest so this is a great gift! They'll even come with an Aprons for Africa tag that tells what your gift has done, since they make GREAT gifts!!! Please check this out and bid by leaving a comment. The auction will end at 10 pm on Wednesday night! I'll announce the winning bid on Wednesday night and you can send me (or HopeChest) your check for the winning amount, knowing that you have won an AMAZING apron and changed lives in the process!

If you don't know how to comment (and thus, bid): simply click on the "0 comments" text that you see below the text. Write your bid amount in the text box that comes up (you'll have to scroll down to see the blank text box). Click the circle next to "name/url" Type your name (no need to provide a url). Click Publish Comment.

I will post more pictures tomorrow!!!!! Come on! Let's make a difference!!!!

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