Friday, January 2, 2009

Quotes worth sharing

So, my son, Benjamin is a funny little talker and is usually spending his time updating me on the latest news he is learning about. Since it's been the post-Christmas season and we do Santa in our home, Ben had some questions about what Santa does after Christmas is over.

Ben, "Mom, what do you think Santa is doing right now?"

Me, "Well, I'm sure he is pretty tired after working so hard, so I imagine he is resting, don't you think?"

Ben, (in his "duh, mom" voice) "Mom, of course Santa is resting. He is on the couch watching the elves work on the new toys for next time and sitting there just waiting. . . just like Dad does.

Both TJ and I were in the car when he said this and it was TWICE as funny as those of you know, TJ loves to remind me that Rhealt Farm is hiring elves from after Thanksgiving through Christmas every year.

Leave it to a 4 year old to share life's truths!!!!! ha!

Recently, he has had some questions about eternity. One that has stuck my mind the most is:

(while in the car driving on slippery roads)

Ben, "Mom! Look out at this! (at a book he's reading)"

Me, "I can't hunny because I'm driving"

Ben, "But Mom, this is so cool you have to look"

Me (frustrated), "Ben, Mommy is driving and I don't want to get into a car accident"

Ben (sighing), "But Mom, it's okay, if we get into an accident we'll just die and go to heaven anyways so just look!"

I love watching Benjamin grow more and more curious about eternity and God, now that more of his abstract thinking is developing. God really uses Ben in my life to remind me what child-like faith is and how I need to have more of that! Benjamin simply believes God will do great things. Period.

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