Sunday, January 18, 2009

More pictures of the aprons

Alrighty, here are some more pictures of the aprons up for auction!!!!! How could you NOT want one of these!?!?!
On top of being the stylish mama on the block you will also wear it knowing that ultimately you have been a part of an orphan's life across the globe.
To review, you just type the amount you would like to bid for the apron in the "comment: section below Brandi's January 17th entry , like those people who have already started, and Brandi will announce the winner every Wednesday. I also will announce the winner on my blog in case it is one of YOU!

All hand made with love by Brandi's mother in law. Aprons for Africa is a ministry she started originally to benefit orphans in Africa after Brandi adopted her son from Liberia. Now, she is donating all of her proceeds for Pastoral scholarships to help get Ugandan orphanages sponsored.

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