Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting to church on time

Now that our family is fully into juggling work, kids, and getting places on time, I have been reading others' blogs about HOW, exactely, other families manage it. Many people, like the Pipers struggle with similar things we do when it comes to Sunday mornings....getting to church on time AND having an attitude of wanting to be there!

The Responsible Puppet has great tips on how families can achieve both-when it comes to Sunday mornings and we will definately be trying a lot of them.

Take time to watch the posted video. It's well worth it! What are some of your tips to get us out the door those precious mornings??


Brandi said...

cute layout! Did you try the 3 column ones?

Love ya,

Lyz said...

Go to the 2nd service!:) We do baths the night before and have the kids eat breakfast and get dressed right away - that way when we are ready, so are they.