Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to "Not Me! Monday". This is a blog carnival set up by MckMama with the hopes of all of us mothers can use a good laugh as we admit all the inperfections that come with our duty of mothering.

While on getaway vacations with our young kids, I always come prepared. I pack enough food to ensure we do not have to stop and get an greasy, fast food restaraunts. I always ensure that there are plenty of food, books, and goodies to keep the kids at bay and pass time as quickly as possible. This is why I certainly did NOT feed my kids, chocolate marshmallow treats, granola bars, and juice for almost the entire way to avoid restaraunts. Nutritious and healthy foods are always what is in order. Feeding them nothing but JUNK for the entire car ride? Nope! Not me!

I also did NOT have my kids watch videos for 5 of the 8 hours of the trip. Nope, not me! We always have lengthy, educational, intentional discussions with our children about the various landscapes-other than the flat, prairies we live on-, past presidents and organic foods.

Oh, and I always make time for bathroom breaks. That is why I did NOT make my 3 yr old urinate in a soda bottle, because we simply did not want to waste more time getting home. Not me! We always allow plenty of time in our schedule to stop for bathroom breaks.

Would you like to join in the "Not Me Monday" fun? Before you do, check out the rules here.

Happy Monday to you!

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