Saturday, August 15, 2009


Tonight, I sit here so grateful. Grateful for the crumbs covering my kitchen floor, because my children's bellies are full, and I know that there are millions of children who are hungry tonight.

I am grateful for the opportunities God seems to be laying at my feet to bring awareness to my community about orphan care. Because guys, there are millions. There are so many many organizations out there that care for them and so many ways to be involved.

I am grateful for the many of you who have emailed and responded in ways I have could never imagined to make an impact on little lives specifically in Africa.

Every Wednesday I participate in this fantastic, fresh, grassroots ministry called iFast58. The idea came from a friend of mine, whom I have spoken about before, Brandi, as she is feeling called to gather a nation of people to lift up and pray for the oppressed, the widowed, the orphaned. The "58" comes from the Lord giving Isaiah 58 as a starting point for this ministry. Awesome.

So, every Wednesday, as a group, we fast. It can be a meal, TV, blogging, or whatever you feel like we can do and that energy that is put into that is fixed on praying for the fatherless in our world.

If you would like to be a part of this, email Brandi at

If you are "hip" and enjoy can find a group at #iFast58.

I am so grateful. Grateful for people like YOU who choose to become active and make a difference for these voiceless children.

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