Sunday, September 27, 2009

Joyful Sunday!

I love Sundays!

Today, I feel God met me where I really needed to be met. My last blog post was kinda....unJOY-ful, wouldn't you say? Clearly, I am a girl with many emotions and twists and turns that come and go in this life of mine. I suppose it is to be expected when we are headed in a direction that is literally turning our life upside down! ahem...and PMS does NOT help things, either.

Today, one of our sweet Pastors, and a mentor to our family preached today on "Discipleship". I learned that many people today are "saved" but few "follow". Girls, if we claim to know Christ-I mean, KNOW Him, then we need to be pouring out into other women, encouraging them. I was really convicted today that I need to be doing more of that. I have been so blessed to have women in my life who encourage me-and have been an encouragement years ago when I was in college. I need to be giving back.

I'm also thinking of ways we, together, as a blogging community can serve others here locally. I'm thinking about doing something with "Playdates with a Purpose" such as going to the Women's Homeless Shelter and throwing them a party-or something in the future. Is anyone up for this? If so, leave a comment or email me at

Have a good week!!

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