Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let me hold you longer.....

My baby boy went to Kindergarten today. Isn't he handsome? We think so too!

"Long ago you came to me, a miracle of firsts; First smiles and teeth and baby steps, a sunbeam on the burst. But one day you will move away and leave to me your past, And I will be left thinking of a lifetime of your lasts ...
The last time that I held a bottle to your baby lips, The last time that I lifted you and held you on my hip.

The last night when you woke up crying, needing to be walked. When last you crawled up with your blanket, wanting to be rocked.

The last time when you ran to me, still small enough to hold. The last time that you said you'd marry me when you grew old. Precious, simple moments and bright flashes from your past- Would I have held on longer if I'd known they were your last?

One last adventure to the park, your final midday nap, The last time when you wore your favorite faded baseball cap.

I never said good-bye to all your yesterdays long passed. So what about tomorrow- will I recognize your lasts?

The last time that you talk to me about your hopes and dreams. The last time that you wear a jersey for your high school team.

I've watched you grow and barely noticed seasons as the pass. If I could freeze the hands of time, I'd hold on to your lasts.

For come some bright fall morning, you'll be going far away. College life will beckon in a brilliant sort of way. One last hug, one last good-bye, one quick and hurried kiss. One last time to understand just how much you'll be missed. I'll watch you leave and think how fast our time together passed. "

I have been working on Ben's baby book this week as I got some awesome digital scrapbooking software last week! It was probably bad timing to start as I was sorting through all of his "firsts" and newborn photos, meeting his brother for the first time, and going to preschool.

When I was a part of a MOPS group when Ben was a year or 2 old, a group leader read us the book "Let Me Hold You Longer" to us. At the time, I heard it from a distance, as preschool, art projects from school and college seemed so far away.

And here I am today! My baby boy is a Kindergartener. It's hard to find the balance of letting kiddos learn to fly and grow their wings and not hang on too tightly, or be too overprotective. My, how does time fly. And don't we, as mom's hear that from other mom's too?

I love you Benjamin Timothy-more than words could express. You make us so proud and we know God has GREAT plans for your life.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your little boy starting kindergarten! He looks so proud with his backpack! I think your blog is great. I actually wrote about you in my post. Feel free to email me or comment if you want to answer my questions! My email is
Thanks for being so inspiring! Also, I saw your degree was in social work which is something I am interested in. Do you have your masters or bachelors?

Jman's momma said...

awww, mine went to Kindergarten this year also. He is having a BLAST! and even loving the school bus :)