Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Kenya" catch his dream has been caught!!!!

Ben came inside from playing outside. He had been looking at the box of gloves that had started to collect.

I could tell he was a little discouraged when he said he felt like he would never reach 100 baseball gloves. So, we prayed that God would continue to provide for his baseball team at Mattaw. It was so sweet to hear his little prayer, so earnestly seeking and believing with all his heart that God would answer his prayer. He would pray at bedtime, his little fists and eyes clenched so tightly, begging God, "please please, Jesus, I really want to show the orphans how to play baseball. I know they will love it as much as I do and I know you are hearing this right now, so will you please help me get enough baseball gloves".

He went to bed that night feeling a little encouraged, I hoped.


God is in the details, right? Do you believe that? God is rocking my world in ways that leave me speechless.


During the flood about a month ago, Chuck, the owner of MAC'S Hardware in town, finds an old baseball bat in a storage site he was cleaning out. As he was shaking the water out from inside this rotted bat, he turned to his wife, Ellen, and told her about the baseball equipment he was expecting. Ellen asked Chuck if he knew about what Ben was doing in collecting baseball equipment for Kenya. Chuck wasn't aware of this.

I received a phone call from Ellen last week notifying us about baseball equipment shipment they were expecting. They told us that the Archdiocese had collected baseball equipment that was to be sent to Venezuela. The equipment was not able to be shipped to the country due to complications at the border, so they decided to sell it to MAC's Hardware Store. Chuck and Ellen said that they didn't know all that was coming to their warehouse, or what shape it would be in, but they would call us when it arrived.

Fast forward to last Saturday. We met Chuck and Ellen out at the warehouse and saw this stacked in one of the rooms.

Pallet after pallet FULL of new bats, balls, gloves of every size and hand needed. Ben was on top of the moon!!! Ben spent the morning with Chuck and Daddy going through and picking out whatever he wanted to bring to Kenya.

He came home with about 80 baseballs, 120 gloves and 20 bats, on top of what we have already collected.

"Mama! God provided all of this! Can you believe it, Mama?"

Needless to say, a huge answer to prayer. Ben stops me from time to time reflecting on last weekend saying he can't believe that God knew about all of that baseball equipment. His heart is full of hope and joy and is reassured that God cares for his needs.


Sarah said...

Wow! What an incredible testimony of God's compassion -- oh the have the heart (and faith) of a child! My day has been the worst one in a LONG time, but reading this made me smile and get happy tears in my eyes, even if it was brief. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Anderson said...

That is amazing!!! Truly amazing and totally God's work! Can NOT wait to see pictures of the first Mattaw baseball game!

Teri said...

Sweet, sweet story of Ben's faith & God's faithfulness! Love it!

Ben said...

So cool! God is great!