Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's been way too long since I've posted. An update is well deserved. This is going to be a bit scattered, because I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts.

My heart and my brain are full-so full of joy of what He has done in our lives this season. I'm sitting here, blank, trying to find words to appropriately describe what I am feeling at the moment.



We are ready.

Our house didn't sell. But God knew about that. He provided the perfect family who needed our home until we wanted it back. Our furniture, too. We've learned that our desires are not His desires. We've learned that His ways are always perfect.

God taught us lessons of downsizing while we lived in a shell of a building that used to be our home. We've learned that it's not our home. It's God's home. And whoever wants to use it is welcome to that-and everything in it.

We prayed, begging God for help to answer our kids' tough questions about life in Africa. He gave us words. We've learned that God gives us just enough for today. Today is all we need to worry about.

We have learned to pray to ask God to change our hearts and not to change our circumstances. There are so many things to learn within our circumstances that it would be a tragedy to wish it away.

Be challenged to pray bigger. Prayer works. I wish I realized the depth of this years ago. However, I'm thankful for this journey we have had this year and all the lessons learned from it.

Just about there. More updates to come.

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