Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Want an awesome bug repellent?

Perhaps your neck of the woods could be described like this right now.

Our summer has our backyard infested with mosquitoes. Thankfully, my babes haven't had many welts on them like past summers.

Mix one part of Shaklee's basic H with two parts water and VIOLA!!! have yourself some awesome non-toxic bug repellent. I've been spraying my kids with this stuff all summer. It works. It even works on your animals.

My kids also think I've gone all crazy on them by chasing them with a "water bottle".

Basic H is a concentrated non-toxic formula that is also great for cleaning your kitchen, your bathroom, your windows, your carpet . . .

You can purchase Basic H right here.

ALL profits I make from your Shaklee purchase goes directly to funding Sprouts' monthly operating costs.

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