Sunday, July 10, 2011

The numbers are not numbers. They are children. Like yours.

Sponsorship is something very close to my heart. I dove in for the first time "sponsoring a child" 10 years ago. I've told you about Priscillah before. She struck chords deep in my heart and became my daughter, before I even knew what parenting was about.

A 13 yr old girl who had suffered through abuse I had only read about in my college text book reading. Priscillah had lived a lifetime already and was barely in the 7th grade.

I get emotional thinking about it. Children should never have to suffer the way she had to.

Priscillah is one of the 1.9 million orphans living in Kenya. Now a mother herself, she is fighting to provide for her son so he isn't left motherless, too.

Sponsorship works. Sponsorship is more about writing a check each month. The resources we are blessed with should be helping others no matter what color or culture differs from our world.

Sponsorship became a real relationship to me, from far, far away. A few dollars a month completely changed her life. I also sent her letters and had a phone call a time or two. She changed my perspective on orphan care.

Orphans in Kenya need you. YOU. Sponsorship defines the lines of life and death to many kids in Kenya.

Specifically, at Mattaw, we are in need of sponsorships for many of our kids. It will be far more than just a check you write each month. You will have opportunities to write to, send gifts to and perhaps one day VISIT her (or him).

The kids at Mattaw need YOU to give resources to them that allow them to thrive in an environment that raises them to be responsible citizens of their country and teaches them about a God who loves them more than we can articulate.

Please consider opening your heart to one of our kids in Kitale. Then when YOU come and VISIT US this year, you will have a chance to love on the little boy or girl who will forever change your perspective on what life is all about.

To inquire about sponsorships, please email mattaw (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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