Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to tick off a llama.

I really love the 4th of July. It's one of my favorite times of year! We spent the weekend out of town with family in North Dakota. The kids had so much fun and truly embraced moments of their own that will be going in their memory books.

Let me explain.

(this is where I realize how I would love to have a family photographer following us at all times. Some moments are TOO awesome to not have a camera!!!)


My sweet, Alayna Joy, totally ticked off a llama this weekend. Yes, a llama. Her name is Hannah Montana. Oh, it gets better.

We were visiting a dairy farm that had quite the collection of animals including rabbits, donkeys, goats, sheep, and yes, a llama. Her name is Hannah Montana. She is very tall and hairy. Hannah loves the goats she shares a pen with and she loves to give kisses.

Hannah walked up to me while I was holding Alayna about 2 inches from my face. I got a kiss (awwwww!). Alayna proceeded to rake her fingers across Hannah's face to grab and tweak Hannah's nose so hard that Hannah sneezed, stared and stomped away.

She's kind of a diva. Hannah, not Alayna.

However, I'm sure Alayna will act like a diva one day.

..............anyways, Alayna also got her chance to ride a goat. She was squealin' louder than any animal in that pen as she rode! Perhaps it's my mother's Western roots coming out in her.

I was also educated on the process of milking. God bless all of you who farm. I will never look at a glass of milk the same.

Collin- I know I don't need to say very much that would surprise you about this kid. If you have been reading long enough, you would know that he has had his moments.

Well, he gave us his glory this weekend. We caught Collin peeing on a tree in the middle of a park Sunday afternoon during a pot luck. It was part of a family reunion we attended.

He loves giving grand first impressions.

We lectured Collin as to why we do not pee in public (this isn't his first time).

About an hour or so later, we look up and see Collin dashing behind a large tree far off in the distance. My motherly instinct takes over and I yell to my husband that Collin is peeing on trees again, and he runs over to help Collin tinkle in a more appropriate place.

Off to the bathroom they go. They return a few minutes later and my hubs informs me that Collin was caught full monty going...ahem....#2 by the tree. "Mom, I couldn't find the bathroom".

I have a feeling that this is not going to be our last issue with this.

Ben- He is pleased to tell you that he followed ALL the rules this weekend, and supervised the safety of others as we were lighting off fireworks....

.....because he is so laid back that way.

I love my kids. How on earth are they sooooooo different!?!?!!?

Hope you guys had a great 4th! Updates on Kenya soon to come!

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mountain mama said...

sounds like fun!!! that's something i don't think i could ever do...milk something! ick!