Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amazima Dolls

Click here to read Katie's blog.

Folks, she is 20 yrs old. If this girl doesn't inspire you, then I'm gonna come over and knock on your door to see if you're heart is still beating.

This local blogger, Shannon, has taken it upon herself to make a difference from this side of the globe. It's so simple and YOU can be a part of it.

Click here if you would like the doll pattern and help make these dolls!

Currently, there are 136 dolls sewn out of 350 dolls needed. The catch is, if there is a need in the ministry, or a donation, then ALL the kiddos in the Amazima ministry get it. So, there cannot be just 5 or 10 dolls handed out to a few. There needs to be 350. Totally doable!

When you finish your dolls, email Shannon at 3901sca @ gmail.com (without the spaces) so they can be posted to the gallery.

Here are some FAQs about the project to answer your questions. Contact Shannon for further details!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word! For the record, only a small handful of dolls have been made, but lots of people have signed up and said they'd make a few. And in addition to the little cloth dolls, we've got a super cute pattern that's been donated for knitters! I don't have a crochet pattern yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Katie's story gets people so excited that all of the volunteers are THRILLED to have a real physical way to make a difference. I could never ever do this alone but I am certain we're going to make all 350 dolls and then a whole lot more!

Michelle said...

I signed up to make 10 but I can make more..once I get on a roll it's hard to stop!! :) especially knowing where they are going..:)