Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthdays are buzzing!

One of my FAVORITE things to do as a mom is plan my kids' birthday parties. I remember growing up, picking out whatever "themed" cake I wanted and waiting for the masterpiece to be unveiled at my birthday supper with my family. My mom got really creative! I remember many cakes I had growing up that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I have tried to pass down the tradition with my own kids. Ben is finally to the age where he understands what comes with his birthday each year, such as having his bedroom door decorated by the "birthday bonzo" the morning of his birthday and choosing what kind of supper and cake he wants.

This year he wants a pirate theme. Eek!

To be honest I was a little put off. I'm not too crazy with the whole image of a pirate and fighting and skeletons etc etc etc...especially for a 4 yr old. So I am brainstorming how to make it more age appropriate. At least he gave me some diversity! For the past 2 years it has been a "superhero" theme of one character or another.

What I have decided, is to tame his party into more of a 'treasure hunt' feel. I feel like the entire theme was entirely meant to be. I just finished the 'treasure map' invites tonight-thank goodness for GRADUATIONS happening as it has given me a lot of resources and ideas for CHEAP to pull this look together. We will have a treasure chest pinata, a sword fight, of sorts (still thinking on how to safely pull that off) and an idea for a cake...he wants a castle cake...would that flow somehow? Any other creative ideas from YOU would be greatly appreciated!

This treasure hunt theme will incorporate some sort of beach feel...maybe that came from our trip to FL recently. FINE WITH ME! Now if I could be guaranteed 75+ degree weather!

It's going to be a house full of boys in a couple weeks for a few hours one afternoon. I can't wait!!!!

**But seriously Lord, a girl sometime in the next few years WOULD be awesome! I've come too close to dressing Collin up in a little Easter dress...his curls are perfect! **


Shannon Joy said...

This is cute Lindsey! I bet the pirate party will be a hit. And I am with you on adding a girl to your family to even out the numbers a bit! haaa.

Lyz said...

How about foam noodles with some trimming? A serrated knife would turn them into swords.

Could the castle contain the treasure?

Brandi said...

What about an actual treasure hunt? Outside scavenger hunt with clues and everything?

Not sure how much you guys can be outside. . it's like another world since it's in the 90's here!