Wednesday, May 20, 2009

National Foster Care Month

I've taken a break. A long break from blogging, not because I wanted to, but because I was eating, breathing, and literally dreaming work this week. So many kiddos need nurturing, stability and a family to be committed to them forever.

This week, I have dealt with many traumatized children, who make choices that may seem to make poor choices in our eyes, but in reality, it is the only survival skills they know. I also have a youth that just gave birth to a baby girl that was, until today, on the verge of 'failing to thrive'. So tough.

It is National Foster Care month. If you know of a family that provides foster care to youth, whether it be a kinship placement, children with special needs, or what the situation is, encourage them. Love them. Being a part of "the system" is difficult in so many ways, in whatever way you may be involved-as a birth family, a foster parent, a Social Worker.

This weekend is going to be chaulk full of fun as I am taking a loooong weekend and hanging with the fam.....cell phones turned off required.

So I will be back! Refreshed and reorganized and reenergized.....I wish I had tix to FL again. Would that be awesome!!

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