Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ugandan kids need YOU!

As I watched my son turn 5 today, I was filled with thankfulness that God has allowed us to have Benjamin for this long. From the many trips to Africa my husband and I have taken together, there is a constant reality in the back of my mind that living to 5 yrs old isn't always a reality in kids' lives.

I am so thankful.

These gals just got back from an amazing trip to Uganda, to identify orphan care points in various regions of the country that desperately need your help. Many of these care points are filled with children caring for their younger siblings, or, "child-headed households".

It is not uncommon for African children to help care for their younger siblings. However, imagine being 9 years old and have lost your mother or father-or both due to AIDS.

Look at your children and think about that.

9 yrs old is too young. Way too young.

Many child-headed households are lead by a child much younger than 9.

As a blogging community, I want to start a wave-I would like each of you to consider sponsoring one child-headed household. For my readers, my goal is to have 10 households sponsored. To provide




spiritual guidance

to all of these children you see in these pictures. Wow, what a gift.

Will you pray about this?

I want you to take a look into the many faces you see here and ask God what you can do.

You can change a life for the same cost as your Starbucks coffee runs each month.

It's that simple.

I am going to try to figure out how you can donate directly from my blog here if that is easier for you. I need to chat with Brandi about that :)


Brandi said...

LOVE you! Actually, as the sponsorship coordinator, we could send you all the packets and have you connect people with their sponsor child and send them out. . .then, they can just go on HOPECHEST.ORG and fill out their info (or send in the envelope included in the sponsorship packet)!

Do you have a site in mind? Have you talked to Ria? I think her church is interested too. All you have to do is figure out what the interest is here and pick a site! Most start at 100 kids and can grow WAY bigger as interest allows!

LOVE you and LOVE your heart! I can just see you girls taking Fargo by storm! Can't wait to talk soon. . .I think I'm going to go to bed now. . is that horrible?


Ria said...

Thanks for posting this Lindz... I will put a link to it on my blog and see if I can generate some more sponsorship dollars as well. Not so sure about my church... but maybe between our blogging communities?