Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do you SURVIVE the Valley?? :)

As homeowners, my husband and I have sure learned our lesson in this month alone of what essentials you need to have on hand at all times to fend off any kind of weather (minus a hurricane, although, by now, I wouldn't be surprised!).

Ahem...my "Red River Valley Survival Tool Kit"

-shovel (and not just one, many different kinds to deal with various types of snow, ice and depths of snow)
-snow blower (the bigger the horsepower, the better)
-boots (including those for rain, snow and sub zero temperatures)
-rubber gloves
-ski mask
-heavy coat
-snow pants
...just go all out and get yourself some Carhartts..full outfit! Oh, and bright orange IS ideal, because, depending on where you are living, you run the risk of being shot by a local hunter at various times of the year.

Okay, where was I.....

-an umbrella ( although you run the risk of having it snap in half due to the high winds)
-winter gloves
-space heater
-sump pump hoses
-battery back up sump pump
-drain plugs
-life jacket and canoe, (paddles optional )
-buckets, squeegees and mops for random acts of flooding or flowing poo from a leaking drain that is already "plugged"
-ice scraper for windshield
-windshield de-icer if you cannot cut through the ice with your scraper
-spring jacket for those "whoopsies" of warm weather mother nature surprises us with ;)
-pockets full of kleenex to wipe those teary eyes from being exposed to inhumane temps and winds
-endless supplies of hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or whatever hot beverage suits you

You know, I think I'm done...I think this can give you a good picture as to what to expect in living in the frozen tundra I call home. I'm sure there are many more to add as I haven't started with the month of scortching temps that come in July or August, mosquitoes and other random bugs that find there way up to the great white north.

So lesson learned-when purchasing a home in this area, good advice would say to have a big garage or a shed easily accessible year round to house your basic survival needs.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, you really do need a shed to be prepared! Bet it will make you sleep better at night though knowing you have thought of everything and are ready!!

Take care!


Amanda said...

You're hilarious! And I know you write this list seriously! Hope you are all doing well - we are thinking of and praying for you and all the folks in your area!

Joanne said...

This is funny post Ms. Wacky...It is soooo true..Keep it coming.

Joyful Living said...

I know you are but what am I?