Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Has Sprung....

So, as many of you know, I've delved into my creative side and recently purchased a sewing machine. Little did I know the joy I would find in fabric shopping and finding free patterns on the internet. So, I've been busy, stitching up some fun finds and the outcomes haven't been that bad. It's definately brought an inner relief for me (*deep relaxing sigh*) after a long hard day at work.
I've also found some GREAT spring projects, perfect for anyone who would like to add some refreshment to their home or desktop! Here are some ideas below:

Pixie Girl - for some fresh desktop wallpapers for your computer.

Imagine, Create, Inspire - for some pretty paper roses.

Made by Rae - free buttercup sewing pattern.

Fancy Paper Flowers - by Martha Stewart

Butterfly Straws - by Goodhousekeeping

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Jman's momma said...

Thanks so much! I hope we will still have an opportunity to meet some time. I want to stay posted about the babies home too if that is something that becomes part of your journey.

I can't wait to make this trip!!! My husband is jealous that I am heading out without him and he has to work :)