Monday, March 9, 2009

Okay, so I've surrendered!

That’s right folks… I've surrendered! I have competely learned that faith is NOT about how we feel or our EMOTIONS. However, in my mind, I do not see how this is happening. So, I've surrendered. I'm letting God take hold of this trip in April and use it to bring Glory to Him!

I’m headed to Africa. I will be going along with three or four others from th Fargo community as well as a team put together by Children’sHopeChest on what they call a “Vision Trip”. Children’s HopeChest currently has sponsorship programs in Ethiopia and is looking to expand to Uganda. So we will be touring the area visiting orphanages that are in need of sponsors, visiting and loving on the kidsWe are hoping that 400-700 children will be sponsored as a result of this one trip.

I would love for you to be able to share in this journey with me. I will be blogging and trying to post pictures as best I can as the trip goes to keep you updated as often as possible.

There are several ways you can get involved in this project…

1. I will be collecting donations to help pay for the costs of going on this trip. If you want to help in this way, please email me at

2. Cosider donating your points to one of the people going on this trip. Points will alleviate the costs for a plane ticket. We need 80,000 points to get a free ticket. If you have even a small amount to donate, we will cover the transfer fee. Please email me if this is something you can do!

2. I would like to collect small items to be able to bring as gifts for the orphans. This includes bubbles, socks, onesies, crayons, etc.

3. Prayer: This trip feels a lot different for me in a lot of ways. This is a trip to potentially get many people in our community involved with caring for these orphanages. Pray for God's leading in this, in choosing a community he would like our community to sponsor. Pray for safety in our journey. Pray for issues that often come up such as our "time of the month" (sounds silly I know),

4. Here’s a BIG one. Will you consider the possibility of sponsoring a child in one of the orphanages I will be visiting? For just $34 a month you can change a child’s life. The neat thing about Children’s HopeChest is that they help facilitate an actual relationship with your sponsored child. You will receive information about their circumstances, family of origin, orphanage, town, and country. You will have the opportunity to write to your child through the CHC website as often as you’d like, as well as send hand written letters if you wish. One of the coolest parts about CHC’s sponsorship program is that they coordinate yearly trips for the sponsors to actually visit their children and orphanages. Can you imagine coming along with me to Africa to visit the poorest of the poor? To bring joy to children in a country where one meal a day is considered a luxury?

I would LOVE to get all of my blogging readers to join together and sponsor an orphan community. Get your children involved. Get your family involved. This will truly change your life!

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Brandi said...

Praying for you like crazy today!!!

Love you bunches.. and LOVE your new layout too! So clean but beautiful!