Thursday, March 26, 2009

So proud of Fargoans!!! Flood 2009 update

How do you begin to describe a community in such devastation? I see what I am seeing in other places of the US, but not here in Fargo! Pictures cannot do justice to what is happening here!

I have to say, though living here can be challenging, I have never been more proud to say that I am a part of a community that is so willing to support eachother and care for eachother like I've witnessed today.

Almost everywhere you look, you see piles of people sandbagging and piles and piles of sandbags where there once was a group of people.

Today, I was based out of a church in South Fargo helping coordinate volunteers, sending them to neighborhoods that are desperately building their dikes wider and higher. A co-worker was in a bus that nearly fell into water coming up onto the road, but thankfully she was safe. See pic below.

Many many homes have succumbed to the water, however, many more are safe thanks to the overwhelming volunteers that have come from near and far.


No, for real, they have really made such a difference in our community. Thank you so much guys from all three Universities in our area!

Pictures do not begin to tell of all that is happening here, but I posted a few here to show you what it has been like this week. Please keep Fargo and Moorhead in your prayers. The crest is still predicted to be 41.1 feet early Saturday. Fargo has never seen the water this high.

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