Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The boys are bunkin' and sprayin'...

So, this past week, we have been going through major changes in our home. I finally got my wish of a 'sewing room' and the boys started sharing a room. C was ever-so-gently booted out of his bedroom to bunk with his older brother. ALL IS GOING GREAT! I was fearing many things such as bedtime routine, falling asleep, wake up time, etc. Thankfully the worst happening yet has been C throwing toys up at B at bed time to get a rise out of his older brother (frequent occurrence in a variety of situations throughout the day). I remember bunking with my brother when we were little and pushing my feet on the boards above my head to make my brother's bed clunk up and down. Fun times. :) C is still a bit confused. When he has had a time out in the past, his "place" is to sit on his bed in his room. Yesterday, a time out was required and he went to his room-his old room- and the realized that it was "messy" with my sewing stuff everywhere which threw him into a bigger meltdown....oh to be 2 again.

Have I told you lately about C's obsession with spray bottles? I mean, what is with that? Is this therapeutic for a toddler? It's almost like a revenge that C uses subconsciously. If you upset him, you are almost guaranteed to be sprayed shortly afterwards with some substance in a spray bottle. Last week, Macy took her ball away from him....a few minutes later, she was covered in Melaluca disinfectant. She hasn't had anything to do with him since.

Last night, C took my Downy Wrinkle Releaser and sprayed my freshly painted bedroom walls, carpet, pile of coupons, computer and my bedspread in a span of time it takes me to go potty. I'm still questioning what he was thinking.

Maybe it is just the age. I remember when B was 2 he would dump out the baby lotion and baby powder in the same spot in his room over and over again....the entire contents.

So, be warned! If you ever come over to my home and you are sprayed, I apologize in advance. Maybe come prepared with a pancho just in case!


Leslie said...

Oh my gosh!! What a cute story:) I remember bunking with my little brother too - those were the days. I think every little kid needs to experience bunking with a sibling:)
Isn't is funny the things kids decide are entertaining - like spray bottles!! Hilarious!

Casey said...

Oh to be 2 again indeed! My eldest, who is now 8 1/2 oh excuse me 8 3/4 liked things that squirted as a toddler and we awoke one morning to sunblock squirted all over our then dark blue carpet in the living room. Boys are so much fun! They'll adjust to the bunking situation in time. My youngest two share a room and other than the occasional nap time turning into play time or one keeping the other up at night singing ABC's we haven't had many issues. Now that I say that though I will find my 4 year old in the crib with his sister at nap time no doubt...where is some wood to knock on QUICK. Enjoy all the mishaps now, even though they can get frustrating, because one day it all passes and they grow up and you get to remind them how they used to like to spray cleaners and whatnot everywhere. In the meantime I suggest going and getting a simple 50 cent squirt bottle and putting some tap water in it, explain that that is HIS squirter and he can play with that one in the bathtub but the others are your special squirters, maybe that would help.