Monday, April 13, 2009

Having joy in the pains of life.

I'm going through a really hard time right now. It's painful. I have a lot of unanswered questions and feel as though I need answers NOW, though that is not possible.

I feel weak, but not defeated.

So, can I ask? Will you just pray for me? I can't even spell out what it is I need this moment, this day.

I am learning a lot in this process I am going through. I just struggle with where to draw the line.

I think I may lie in the arms of Jesus for a few days and trust that He will carry me through.

What does bring me hope, and keeps twinkling in the back of my mind, is that I can know and have joy that this, in the end, will glorify Jesus.

Why does life have to ache so much?


Casey said...

I will pray for you. No questions asked as to why, just that I will pray that you find the peace you're looking for in whatever it is that is on your mind. Remember that "this too shall pass" as difficult as life can get, the problems don't last forever.

Brandi said...

A friend who has been struggling this week said that she has changed her outlook now. .her new motto? "I'm not buried, I'm being planted" Yes, she still feels like she is under a pile of manure but she is living in the hope of the bloom.

Praying that same thing for you, my friend. For clarity, for Jesus' arms and for His glory!