Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The JOY in prayer

What brings God joy? To see a world-the body of Christ- praying for a eachother. Not only by ourselves.

But together.

With our spouse.

With our girlfriends.

With our family.

With our children.

God takes joy in us praying together for strangers who are carrying heavy burdens. I am so thankful that my God knows every need in my life and that my God has more than one phone line to hear all of the requests presented to Him at once and has the time for more than just myself.

My heart has been so heavy for a blog mom I "know" from online writings. She is a mom I blogged about a couple of days ago that has a burden.

God cares about a precious little life that is living in Minneapolis, MN. Stellan is in the Children's hospital and has been for 10+ days. Stellan's heart is struggling to maintain a regular pattern (look at me, NOT a Pediatrician).

Globally, many people are praying for this little guy. This is evidenced by MckMama's name gallery for Stellan. Take time to get your creative juices flowing today and write his name somehow, somewhere, and take a snapshot of it and send it to her.

There have been pics taken with famous musicians at concerts, in the Sahara Desert, along Argentinian streets, and simply as one's living room floor with alphabet blocks spelling Stellan's name.

I've been thinking about a creative way we as a blogging community can help MckMama and her family. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Last I checked, MckMama is in "survival mode" = Eat.Sleep.Breathe.Use Bathroom. What a neat way to surround a family with love and prayer during such a difficult time.

In what ways have you seen God answer prayer in your life? Let Stellan's life also be a testimony in God's faithfulness.

"Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there also" Matthew 18:20

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