Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just need to vent....Flood 2009 continued...

I really think that this cold weather is starting to put ice in my veins.

And I'm not talking about the fact that I'm cold, which is still true.

Fact is, I think I am sick of having a positive attitude! We just went through flood #1 and are now getting back to normal-despite the fact that all the earthened dikes and sandbag dikes are still up and being reinforced. I have just recently quit listening to the radio, monitoring the height of the river.

Praise the Lord our home was safe. The most we had to endure was getting up in the middle of the night every 3 hours to dump out a container that was being filled by the moisture coming from our furnace. I know....I shouldn't was almost as if we had a newborn again...

[brief remember the smell of newborns......]

But, what was that? Did you ask me why the dikes are still up? What a funny question. See, you'd think that after a community goes through one flood that it would 'wave' over and then clean up would be done.

But we live in the Red River Valley! Did I forget to mention that?

National Weather forecasters are predicting that we have a 75% chance of meeting and EXCEEDING the crest we went through 2 weeks ago. This is to be happening between April 15 and April 22nd. So, homeowners are going to have to anxiously bite their nails as the river rises yet again and pray that the dikes hold and keep their homes safe.

Because why do we need to move on with our lives? Clearly, we Fargoans are fine with having winter last through May..why not just make it June?

Did I mention I am having difficulty maintaining a postive attitude?

So, I will sit here, next to my space heater and think of the smell of newborns. That will at least help my levels of sanity . . . for now :)

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Casey said...

I, fortunately/unfortunately, cannot relate. I grew up in Florida, the land of no seasons. It was almost summer, summer and a bit after summer all year long. I spent most Christmases in flip flops and tank tops and really wanted to go to the beach. The leaves don't fall from trees, there is no snow at all, not even a chance of it, and it just goes from hot to hotter. Once I moved to SC I thought I was in paradise, leaves fell, flowers bloomed in spring, we have spring here, and the summers were managable, AND I got to wear long sleeves on Christmas. I will be praying your positive attitude comes back, as well as remembering the smell of newborns, and that the sandbags hold and your home is safe again should a flood head your way.