Monday, July 27, 2009

a balloon for an orphan

I wanted to share a cool moment that happened with Ben last week.

There have been some tough days in our household-specifically with our oldest, son, Benjamin, as we have conversations with him about moving. He asks many appropriate questions about what our house will look like, who will his friends be, if they have football there and what will we eat.

Stemming from these conversations are great teaching moments for us. Teaching moments about how to be able to take the next step because we have faith. Teaching him what it means to solely lean on Jesus.

We often have discussions about how we can care for 'the orphan' in our own community. Ben knows what I do for a career here in North Dakota. He knows that I help kids find families that are safe until their parents get better and can take care of them again. Ben often asks how he can help too (which floors me, because what was I thinking about when I was 5 yrs old). Ben often asks what orphans look like, if they live close to us, how can he help.

A couple weeks ago, my employer held a foster parents picnic in a local park. My kiddos tagged along with me as my husband had to work late that night. Many children at the picnic were kids with special needs.

As a part of the picnic, we had a fabulous clown making crazy animals out of balloons. The balloons were heard deflating and popping as kids hit trees and grass. Ben became very upset as he was amongst these kids. He repeatedly wanted another balloon-and another. Finally, I told him enough was enough, and there were many other kids that wanted balloons still, and the one in his hand was it for the evening.

The popping of the balloons continued. Ben was able to control his balloon but saw another child accidentally pop his balloon and became upset. Ben ran over to him and gave the child his last balloon. Ben ran back to me and exclaimed "Mom! Mom! I helped an orphan! I gave him my balloon!"

I am so thankful. I truly see God preparing the hearts of my kids as we make this transition. Thank you Jesus. He IS faithful!

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