Saturday, July 11, 2009


As I type this, I have my two boys sleeping soundly in their beds and a quiet house. It's a perfect summer day today. Not humid, not too hot. Perfect. My favorite candle is burning next to me and Macy, our dog, is at my feet gawking up at me begging for a treat.

It's home.

We have decided that it is time to sell our house. Writing the words seems to easy. But, when it comes down to it, I honestly, have a tough time moving forward because there are just so many unknowns out there. As we've been mulling over this big decision, I've often though about "home" and what it means to us. I look around the house I live in and remember the day we moved in, the day Collin came home, painting, dressing up bedrooms. I remember our kids playing outside in the backyard in snowdrifts that often times swallowed them. I look over from my desk here and see the marks on the walls documenting how much the kids have grown each year.

I love our neighbors. I love the security of our neighborhood. We receive fresh, canned applesauce and jam and frozen hand-picked raspberries from "grandma berry" each year. I also get fresh bouquets of Lilacs and Tulips each year from the same grandma.

So, I sit here, at my computer, and try to digest where to begin? Step by step. Those words trot through my head often when I feel myself start to get overwhelmed. It truly feels like we are blind and completely moving forward not knowing what we are stepping into.

We are at peace.

Our first step is to go room by room and sort...."trash", "sell", "keep". We have told the boys to pick 10 toys to take with them when we move. Ugh, that was tough for them. I was surprised at the anticipation of where we are going that took over more than parting with their toys. Thank you Jesus.

I believe that we will make home "home" wherever we end up. We will meet wonderful, new people, and one day feel comfortable again. But, I'm human, and sometimes, I would rather someone else come over and do this because it hurts to think of leaving.

Have any of you moved? If so, please comment and give me some advice on where to start. How can I include my kids on this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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