Friday, July 10, 2009

Painting the dog, amongst other things

Aww...look at this face. Right? I mean, his curls, those big brown eyes.....

I've had a few posts recently about my youngest son, Collin, who just turned 3. I don't know if I've given you the full picture of his personality.

See, Collin was born and he was the easiest baby I could have asked for. A great eater, slept through the night early on, minimal sicknesses, and very content.

"who me?"

However, when Collin hit his 2nd birthday, it seemed as though God was stroking his beard from the heavens and hitthe switch.

Collin went from this quiet, laid back baby, to this airborne, zealous, inches-from-going-to-the-ER-at-all-times kind of kid.

In this week alone, I have had Collin

paint the dog

color our bathroom floor with my makeup

on our kitchen cabinets, drew with permanent marker

That's just one week.

Where did my sweet boy go?

There he is . . . love you buddy.

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