Saturday, July 18, 2009

A fun poll

My type A son, Benjamin reminded me that earlier this summer I had told him that he could "of course" have a mohawk as soon as the wedding this summer was over. I had no intention of following through with this because a) i knew he would forget about it and ; b) why on earthy earth would I allow such a thing on my five yr old.

Well, guess what question I got today. Yup.

"Mommy, can I have my mohawk now???"

ArgHgHGHGHGH! I thought he'd forget.

Where would he get this idea? I'd love to tell you.

I am a frequent reader of MckMama's blog. If you haven't checked her out, then click on the Praying for Stellan badge on the right hand column of this page. Her young son, younger than mine us sporting a sa-weet mohawk and Benjamin caught wind of this earlier this summer.

Thanks MckMama.

What do you think? Should my sweet, rule-following, type A, son have a mohawk? Submit your answers to the poll on the top left of my blog!

1 comment:

Casey said...

sure why not, it's still summertime and it's just hair it will grow back out. now if he's asking for a tattoo, that's where you draw the line :) I'm a big fan of MckMama and her little ones seem fairly well adjusted bright colored crocs, mohawks and all :)