Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blank. Hope. Prayer.

If you are an avid blog surfer like I am, then you have probably seen this button lingering around some of your blogs calling out for help for Haiti.

Have you been numb to what you are seeing on TV or hearing on the news? I feel so distant from it and cannot help but just stare at the TV screen when I see the faces of those who are suffering greatly. I watched a video of a 13 yr old girl being pulled out from underneath a collapsed wall today...alive!


Miracles are happening all around there I'm sure and I just pray that more are found alive than lost.

Check out Kristen's blog here. She is one of my favorites to read, and she is giving away a space to advertise YOUR blog on hers for 3 months. If you want your blog to get some traffic, then you want your space on her blog, believe me.

I'd offer you an advertising block on my space...but, you know, I'm not quite there yet...maybe one day :)

If we cannot afford a dollar to give, we all can be on our knees for those in Haiti and those here who are longing for an answer from a loved one.

Prayer is free, and is the most powerful life-changing tool anyone could offer.

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